Thursday, May 22, 2008


2d tradtional effects Quaife demo

videoPart 1 Quaife 2d effects demo reel

videoPart 2 of my demo of traditional effects animation


Beautiful work! WOW you worked on the universal Hanna Barbera ride.. I knew you were cool :)
your work is quite simply the most inspirational I've ever seen. Watching your reels was pretty nostalgic for me, since I was a kid when many of these movies came out, but I was amazed to see you animated the sequence when the baddie in fern gully turns from a slime into his big spooky dude form, I remember that being a scene that stood out to me as a kid, making me interested in animation, so thanks again :D
wow. no way. I'm excited to learn from you and get to know you. It made smile to see "Fern Gully" great memories. I'm impressed.
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